Election Reform Resources

How Corporations Own Your Politicians…

Money in Politics / Campaign Finance Databases
State-Level Campaign Finance Databases
  • Institute on Money in State Politics
  • Campaign Finance Information Center – State Campaigns

Over 20 Ways You Can Get Involved to Promote Clean Elections & Democracy…

Campaign Financing

Overturn Citizens United

Public Campaign Financing

Campaign Finance Disclosure

Free air-time for candidates

Encouraging More Choices

Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) / Ranked Choice Voting

Easier ballot access for third parties

Open debates

  • Open Debates

Binding None-of-the-Above option

Right to Vote

Voter Protection (Voter ID, Voter Purges, Voter Suppression, etc.)

Voting machine reform (no more hackable, private machines made by Republican-connected companies!)

Public Agency Registration (“Motor Voter”)

  • Project Vote

Online Voter Registration

  • Project Vote: Paperless Voter Registration and Online Voter Registration

Permanent Portable Voter Registration

  • Project Vote:
    • Permanent Portable Voter Registration
    • Interstate Compacts

Universal Voter Registration

  • Center for Voting and Democracy

Election Day Registration

Early Voting and No-Excuse Absentee Voting

Prisoner / Felon Voting Rights

Lowering Voting Age

Congressional Representation for DC

Democratizing Elections

Binding initiative and referendum

Redistricting reform (ending gerrymandered districts)

Proportional representation

  • Center for Voting and Democracy

Electoral College Circumvention

Voter education materials


Term Limits

Compulsory Voting

  • We’re not aware of anyone in the U.S. seriously advocating for this, but 22 other countries have it, and in combination with other election reforms, like a National Voting Holiday and a binding None-of-the-Above option, it could actually be worth exploring. See Wikipedia’s page on Compulsory voting.