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Ohio State signs contract with Nike

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UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – Corporate America and college athletics have made their biggest partnership ever.

Ohio State University has become the most recent in a series of high-profile national universities to sign a multi-year contract with athletic shoe giant Nike.

Ohio State’s contract will bring $9.25 million to the university’s athletic department over five years and provide uniforms and shoes for athletes and staff, said Paul Krebs, Ohio State’s senior associate director of athletics.

Regent Laurence Deitch said the deal is so lucrative to Ohio State because the Buckeyes dominate the state.

Nike Spokesmen Keith Peters said that in the past Nike has made deals with individual teams and programs.

Peters said that the recent trend of larger-scale contracts with entire athletic departments brings more money in to less-visible university sports.

This article was published on Tuesday, January 16, 1996

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